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This website contains sexually oriented material and may not be suitable for some viewers. User discretion advised. is the only place on web for free counseling, free sex therapy, knowledge and information, news and updates, suggestions and advice regarding sexual disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, medical, surgical, and psychological treatment options for those who are in need but can’t find adequate reliable sources. If your sex life is bored, intimacy and love has dried up, and relations are bitter, you might be benefited by sex counseling and therapy,

It doesn't cost anything, try sex therapy and sexual counseling now for free. 

Find some tips and tricks to make your sex and love life more exciting and full of passion. Just a few little things can fire up the bored night in the bedroom, and get rid of the the moments in the bed sleeping like strangers. Take some ideas and knowledge from the oldest book of sex in history Kamasutra. Get tantalizing techniques and famous, sensual, Kamasutra sex position or position for intercourse.

This is a free world and casual sex is very common and often with strangers. If you have any suspicion that you got some kind of disease after having sex with someone but don't know what to do, then check out the STD or sexually transmitted diseases section. Find out what do you have based on your signs and symptoms and how to get the treatment, or just ask me for a professional opinion for free.

Going to a counselor is like taking an appointment, waiting and spending time and money just to get a few of your questions answered. Here you can get all your questions answered for free at your own convenience sitting at home or office, just visit the Discussion Board and post your questions or ask a question privately by contacting me. This can be individual therapy or couple therapy.

If you think you are very experienced in sex or a professional in sex therapy or sexual counseling, or working as a sex therapist, please give your opinion and share your experience. Professional sex therapist are welcome to join as a moderator in discussion board for to give their expert opinion. There is a potential that professional sex therapist may be able to keep their own web page and profile on this website for local patient referrals, please inquire.

I hope this serves the purpose of sharing the knowledge with the world and promote education and safety. I have helped hundreds of people with their sex problems, sexual disorders, medical and surgical issues. I always try to spare time to provide best possible answers, suggestions and advice for sexual disorders and counseling. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. is an open website and any visitor to the website is welcome to give suggestion or add comments. Please visit the forum and provide your valuable opinion, and I will be happy to add it to the website content if it is acceptable to the website standard.

I am still working everyday to put some more information in this website, as medicine is a never ending story of learning and facts changes very frequently. My goal is provide sex therapy and sexual counseling freely available to everyone.

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Remember, everything is free here from joining the website, asking question from a professional or giving your own opinion and sharing experiences. Share the knowledge and educate the world.

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