Sex therapy symbol of love and sex

Symbol of love and sex

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a  simple were to write but a difficult word to explain.  Sex has been around the beginning of the dawn  of human era. I'm not sure how long sex therapy has been around, but for sure longer enough to have a lot of literature in ancient history.


Sex therapy is a combination of counseling, medical, surgical, psychological treatment of sexual problems and sexual disorders. in the past people have been hesitating to go to the counselar for their sexual disorders.  Explaining to somebody and talking about the sex for problem has been considered as an embarrassment and shame.  For the women how many times you found a man who was too quick to begin and finish in the bed and some time, there was no beginning, as he was not able to get it up.  Even if the woman is in monogamous relationship style, time, and tide of sexual relationship changes with age.


It doesn't matter if you are 20 or a80 year of age, everyone needs sex in life. Everyone enjoys in a different way. Some are aggressive and some  are passive.

I am still working hard to gather the best information about sex and sex therapy from around the world and hopefully will be able to finish this part of website.

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