About the sex therapist

I am a surgeon settled in the USA.  My medical journey started almost 20 years ago in another part of globe. I practiced as a surgeon abroad before moving to the United States several years ago.

In my long medical journey and across the continents, I interacted with a thousands of people and patients. It was always and still a question about sex related problem, whether it is a disease or a psychological issues when people comes to the office for some other reasons.  Sex therapy is a common practice for several of the sex related issues and practiced by a whole variety of practitioners. As there is no designated training to be a sex therapist, people does not have a place to go for their problem and they end up talking to their family doctor, Obstetric, gynecologist, surgeon, urologist or a psychologist. Every one of them practicing as a sex therapist based on their own experience and some training.

I do not practice full time as a sex therapist as surgery is my full time job. Though, I do have a broad experience in the field of medicine and surgery, I have counseled a lot of people in sex therapy regarding their sexual problems. I lived in different parts of the globe for various part of my life and got a wide variety of experience. With these questions coming up so frequently I tried to find a place where anyone could find answers to all possible questions, but I was unsuccessful to find such a place on the web. Therefore, I decided to create a website and forum which could answer to every possible questions related to sex, sex therapy, sexual diseases and problems based on my own medical experience and available medical literature. As sex therapy this is an interesting field I have  decided to spare sometime beside surgery, to answer any questions regarding sexual problems posted on the forum or send to me personally.




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