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In this section you can ask any question without paying any price. When you click on the icon below, it will take you to the website forum where you can register and start your own topic and ask any questions. Advantage of this is that beside my professional opinion, any other member of the forum can respond to your questions from their own experience and you can get a lot of words from people from all around the world. The disadvantage would be that you will get all kind of the responses and words and your identity will not be hidden. The discussion between you and me will be seen by the public

In this section you will be able to ask a personal question after payment. All the questions will be sent to my email address and will be hidden from public. The reply will be sent to the email provided by the member. All the correspondence will be personal and private. The members will be able to follow up with 2 more emails questions after the first payment and all the answers will be sent to the personal emails.

Premium service is not available at this time

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