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So I ve been with this lady for a wile now and have had sex very often in the beginning of the relationship and I was having issues finishing. well I thought it was the drinking cause we were always drinking every time we had sex. than there was a week we didn't drink and still had the same problem . so I thought it was because I was just getting over a previous 18 year relationship. so thought it was my head playing tricks on me  than the ex cam over one day and we had sex. almost immediately I finished . the next morning same thing . so I knew something was off. she left said she didn't want anything to do with me anymore and I went back to the lady im with now . still having problems finishing . even noticed she felt different during sex. and then she mentioned one day she had a hysterectomy.  so I started to research hysterectomy. turns out she no longer has a cervix the part that stimulates my penis. Now I really like this lady and everything is fine except its getting to me that I cant finish conventionally. and its kind a makes me go soft a little early . I had figured the issue out and Ive discuss this with her cause she was getting annoyed that I wasn't finishing also. she has no problem doing other things to get me to finish  but Im getting a little board banging away sometimes and there is no stimulation . is there a fix for this .
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