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Author Topic: Cant get Hard  (Read 54 times)

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« on: November 27, 2017, 05:55:37 PM »

Hi yall
In a bit of a pickle.
Basically started seeing this new girl and its all great, but just cant get hard whenever we try to bang and dont know what to do.
Im 19 years old, never done it but had experience with other stuff and never had a problem getting up then. Its happed about 3 times now. First time I was drunk and tired as so just blamed it on that, and the second time i was a little drunk and a little tired but definitely not enough to make a difference  but still the same result. This is real weird but i can only describe as what im getting is semi hard with need to pee. Even if ive gone toilet it still feels like I need to pee and just not at all aroused down there. Its really annoying, I feel like a loser for the next couple days and cant get hard for a couple days after cause i just feel annoyed.

Im reasonably fit and health/ dont smoke so I know thats not a problem. Some people blame it on porn so ive stopped watching that and wank less. SHould mention I have no problem getting it up when shes not around so I know its all mental but dont know what to do. Maybe viagra for the frist time (really rather not though). Ive read people say pleasure her and wait, but i cant take my mind off it while i am so nothing happens. Any tips heaps appreciated.

(erectile disfunction)
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