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Hi , just to sum it up me and my husband are married for almost two year and been on and off dating for 6 years before that. I feel like we have communications differences which causes arguments or disagreements frequently. We just had a baby 7 months ago. Before we were married we lived in different states and never lived which each other before hand. So when we would meet up we would have these great adventures and I would be more confident and adventures in intimacy between the sheets. We haves a few bumps in the road . Fast forward to now , I'm not interested in having sex with him, I could go a month or so without having sex. But he would want to have sex way more often than that and has even suggested having a open marriage together or him having a girlfriend to have sex with since I do not want to. I feel like I'm losing him but at the same time he is asking simple task of me to do intimate acts for him but I kind of feel not safe opening my vulnerable self to him in fear of regection or embarrament , I love my husband but it feels like our sex drive and wants and needs are totally off page. Also on how and what we communicate to each other. He says he's sexually frustrated and doesn't want to open up to me because he's frustrated and I'm frustrated that I don't feel emotional taken care of in the sense of feelings. He's. Type of person that's blunt and will critize or defensively talk and it makes me feel reluctant to be intimate with him or even open up to him emotionally and talk about these things. I'm am a very coy person and do not like talking about intimate thing such as desires and wants and it frustrates him.
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