sex therapy penile prosthesis inflatable showing mechanism of action
Inflatable penile prosthesis showing mechanism

sex therapy penile prosthesis inflatable

Inflatable penile prosthesis 

Malleable penile prosthesis 

Peyronie's disease showing bend and curve in penis

Surgical Diseases

Surgical diseases can be divided in two parts the diseases caused by surgery and surgically corrected diseases. There are several surgeries which can result in sexual dysfunctions especially in males as they are not able to achieve erection and/or orgasm. The common surgical procedures are prostate surgery, surgery on back which causes damage to the nerves, surgery in pelvis which can damage the nerves, surgery on penis itself. Surgery on vulva or vagina can lead to pain or loss of sensation or hypersensitivity in the area which causes disinterest in sex. All these dysfunctions can be temporary or permanent depending on the damage to the nerves. sometime the nerve functions never recovers so men can get permanent erectile dysfunctions.

Surgically correctible diseases:

Erectile Dysfunction:

Men in the last stage of erectile dysfunctions when sex therapy and medicine failed in the treatment, men can surgery to get a penile prosthesis. There are 2 type of prosthesis one is firm prosthesis which does not need any inflation but always stays firm. This could be a little uncomfortable as it can not be deflated and can cause awkward conditions for patients. The other type is inflatable prosthesis. In this type a hollow inflatable prosthesis is fit  inside the penis and a reservoir filled with saline and a balloon pump is fitted in the groin. Patient has complete control on the erection as he has to pump the balloon to get erections and after intercourse he can deflate the balloon. Some patient never get good result as there are some complications from the surgery. After prosthesis surgery patient are never able to get erection on their own as penis tissue is destroyed. Still, they are very good option for the patient who have lost all other options or there are secondary reasons like injury or back surgery or damage to nerves.


Chordee is a condition usually associated with hypospedias (urethera is underneath the penis). The affected penis is either curved downward or upward and can cause problems in urination and intercourse, often painful sex. This can be corrected in infancy by surgery.

Peyronie's disease:

This is unusual curvature of a penis, usually caused by an injury to penis. After healing a scar tissue develops at the injury side which causes curving of the penis on one side or upwards. This can cause painful intercourse. Treatment is surgical correction and removal of the scar tissue.


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