sex therapy david carradine in Kill Bill

David Carradine in Kill bill

Sex therapy David Carradine in kill bill 2

David Carradine Kill Bill 2

sex therapy David Carradine in Kung fu

David Carradine in TV series Kung Fu as Kain

sex therapy erotic asphyxiation painting by Martin van maele

Erotic asphyxiation Painting by Martin Van Maele 1905.Courtesy Wiki

David Carradine's death by sex accident: auto erotic asphyxiation

David Carradine was a Hollywood actor who had worked in several movies but most famous for his role in TV series 'kung fu' and 'Kill bill'. David Carradine was found dead in one of the hotel with his penis tied with a rope around his neck. Speculation are that his death may be due to suicide or possible auto erotic sexual asphyxiation. This is a form of paraphilia in which erotic sensations are achieved by asphyxiation feeling. The theory behind the erotic asphyxiation is based upon release of some hormone during the asphyxiation which gives the feeling of arousal and sometime orgasm. This is not common paraphilia as it has danger associated with serious injury or death as in the case of David Carradine. Various methods has been used for erotic asphyxiation including plastic bags, ropes and manual strangulation. Usually these victims have pornographic materials lying by their side at the time of the event. Erotic asphyxiation is some time concurrent with other paraphilia like sadism, masochism and other.

The people practicing erotic asphyxiation are predominantly male with rarely involving females and the fatalities are mostly males.

The other famous cases of erotic asphyxiation death:-

Frantisek Kotzwara: Composer

Albert Dekker: Actor

Stephen Milligan: A British conservative

Sada Abe : Japanese women who killed her lover by asphyxiation

Vaughn Bodé: Artist

Kevin Gilbert: Musician

Kristian Etchells: British politician

Michael Hutchence: Lead singer of INXS

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