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Malleable penile prosthesis

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Male Erectile Disorder


Treatment consists of removing underlying cause for erectile dysfunction. it may including removing or changing the offending drugs, stop substance abuse and alcoholism. When there are medical reasons are present like diabetes or other vascular disease the treatment may consist of drugs like viagra and cialis, intrapenile injections of papaverine and prostaglandin, inflatable prosthetic penile implants, suction devices, and cockrings.

Medicines: These are called as phophodiesterase inhibitors. The most common and famous drugs are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Since these drugs are available in the market, use of injections are much less common as they are associated with more complications.

Mechanical device: Men who can develop but not sustain an erection may use a constriction ring. As soon as erection occurs, a metal or elastic ring or a leather band with snaps (cock ring) is placed around the base of the penis, preventing venous outflow. If the man cannot develop an erection, a vacuum device can draw blood into the penis( pump or vacuum pump), after which the band or ring is placed at the base of the penis to retain the erection. Bruising of the penis, coldness of the tip of the penis, and lack of spontaneity are some drawbacks to this modality. A constriction ring and vacuum devices might also be useful adjuncts for patients who do not respond satisfactorily to drug therapy.

Sex Therapy: The most commonly applied treatment for non-medical related impotence is ‘Sensate Focus,’ which involves a progression of sexual intimacy, typically over the course of several weeks, and eventually leading to penetration and orgasm. Sex therapy involving behavior therapy and removal of anxiety component usually gives very good results often compete resolution of sexual disorder. Experienced therapist can address the underlying issues during sex therapy sessions with medical treatment with very good results.

Surgery: Surgery is the last option for erectile dysfuction. and it is irreversible. Once the surgery is done the person loses complete voluntary control on the erection as the nerves to the penis are destroyed and the man is completely dependent on the mechanical device.

There are two different kind of penile prosthesis one is Malleable and another one is inflatable.

Malleable Penile Prosthesis: The malleable one has advantage that it does not need any kind of pumping prior to having sex and penis can be just straightened before starting the sex. There is no time required before sex for pumping as this is instantaneous. The disadvantage is that it is always in erected position, there is no flaccid state of penis, which might be obvious sometime.

Inflatable penile pump: Inflatable pumps has a pump and a balloon reservoir. The pump is placed in the scrotum and the reservoir just above the pubic bone. The penis is always in a flaccid state and whenever the sex is to be begin, man pumps the fluid in the shaft and penis gets the erection. After the sex is over the penis can be deflated and made flaccid. The advantage of this prosthesis is that this one is erected when needed not always inflated. On the disadvantage, it needs to be pumped before every sex act, which sometime is frustrating.

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