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About is only place on internet where for sex therapy and sexual counseling is available for free without any professional charges. provides sex therapy knowledge, sex therapy information, sex therapy counseling, sex therapy news and updates, suggestions and advice regarding sexual disorders,  sexually transmitted diseases, medical, surgical, and psychological treatment options for those who are in need but can’t find adequate reliable sources about sex therapy.

There are no restrictions to use website for personal purposes. After being unsuccessful to find a comprehensive place for solution for sexual disorders, I have dedicated some of my time to bring this website for public use as a resource for knowledge and suggestions based on experience in my medical career.

At present there in no formal medical training regarding sex therapy in the US, therefore not every person giving counseling has knowledge of all the problems. This is a complicated issue involving knowledge of male and female anatomy in detail, diseases, medical treatment, surgeries, emotional and psychological issues. As there are no regulations for sex therapy or to be a sex therapist sometime people who does not have any medical background started claiming themselves as sex therapist. Several people worked as a psychologist or psychotherapist have proven to be very good and successful counselors, but they are limited to counseling only as they are unable to provide any medical or surgical treatment. I believe that having a deep knowledge of human anatomy, medicine and surgery with a combination of psychological knowledge may bring excellent sex therapist covering all aspects of sex therapy.


Sex therapy forum provides a place for common discussion place for public. It is free to join the forum and anyone can ask the question about sex, sexual disorder and sex therapy, answer the questions, share the experiences and post the funny stories and your experiences.

Sex is an important part of life and it might need sex therapy for one reason or another at some point time in life. I am hoping to provide enough information here to be useful in everyone's life at some point.


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