Female orgasm

Female Orgasmic Disorder

Female orgasmic disorder occurs when there is a significant delay or total absence of orgasm associated with the sexual activity. This condition must cause a problem in the relationship with the sexual partner in order to be defined as a disorder. About 10 percent of women never attain an orgasm, regardless of stimulation or situation. About half of women regularly have an orgasm during intercourse.

Most women are biologically able to experience orgasm. Never having an orgasm, or not having one in certain situations, are problems that can often be resolved by learning how the female body responds, how to ensure adequate stimulation and/or how to overcome inhibitions or anxieties. Some medications, including but not limited to those used to treat high blood pressure, depression and psychosis, can reduce sexual desire and sexual arousal and interfere with orgasm. if a person is on such drugs and experiencing sexual side effects, changing dosage or prescription can help eliminate or reduce the symptoms

The diagnosis of Female Orgasmic Disorder should be based on the clinician's judgment that the woman's orgasmic capacity is less than would be reasonable for her age, sexual experience, and the adequacy of sexual stimulation she receives. if there are no underlying disease or medical reason then failure to achieve an orgasm for women is possibly related to intimacy issues, feelings of fear and anxiety, and a sense of not being safe within the intimate relationship or relationships in general.

The  best treatment option is sex therapy including psychological therapy which can completely resolve the symptoms. This can also help in getting rid of substance and alcohol abuse. Prognosis for this disease is usually very good with sex therapy, if underlying issues are addressed. if there are any prescription medication having these side effects then they should be change or dose can be adjusted.

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