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Male Erectile Disorder

If a male is unable to maintain an erection throughout sexual activity, he may have male erectile disorder. This problem must be either persistent or recurrent in nature. Also, the erectile disturbance must cause difficulty in the relationship with the sexual partner to be defined as a disorder. Some males will be unable to obtain any erection. Others will have an adequate erection, but lose the erection during sexual activity. Erectile disorders may accompany a fear of failure. Sometimes this disorder is present throughout life. in many cases the erectile failure is intermittent and sometimes dependent upon the type of partner or the quality of the relationship. There are several reason that can result in erectile dysfunction which include medical, physical and psychological. Short of any physiological cause, male erectile disorder is typically a result of ‘performance anxiety’ or fears of not being able to achieve or maintain an erection.

Primary erectile dysfunction:

Primary ED is the condition, when a man has never been able to attain or sustain erections. Primary ED is rare and is almost always due to psychological factors (guilt, fear of intimacy, depression, severe anxiety) or clinically obvious anatomic abnormalities.

Secondary erectile dysfunction:

Secondary ED has a reason behind erectile dysfunction, it could be medical, physical or psychological. Most of the cases of ED are secondary erectile dysfunction.

Physical Causes of Male Erectile Disorder:

Illness and disease-

Following is a small common list of the diseases which can cause erectile problems in the males. There are several other diseases but these are the common ones.

Alcoholism (neuropathy)- Chronic alcohol use and abuse

Diabetes mellitus- Causes nerves degeneration in  body

Arterial disease: Leriche syndrome, atherosclerosis of penile arteries

Renal failure- non functioning of kidneys

Carcinomatosis- Spread of cancer in body

Neurosyphilis- Last stage of syphilis

Hypothalamo-pituitary dysfunction

Liver failure

Multiple sclerosis and many others

Peyronie's disease-Causes curving of penis and can lead into painful intercourse.

Surgery- Prostate and other genital and perineal area surgeries can be a reason.

Stroke, Seizures and multiple sclerosis-


The list for drugs causing erectile dysfunction is enormous as several of the prescription medications causes erectile dysfunction and most of the street drugs causes erectile dysfunction and may make men infertile.

Beta-blockers-commonly used for high blood pressure and heart diseases

Thiazide diuretics- Used in high blood pressure and kidney disease

Tricyclic antidepressants- for depression


Spironolactone-used in kidney diseases

Cimetidine-used to be a common drug for acidity and ulcers

Cannabis-abused as street drug

Anti-epileptics- used for seizures

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