Street drugs can cause sexual dysfunctionPrescription drugs can cause sexual dysfuction



There are several medications which can lead to sexual dysfunction. Usually these are common in men but sometime in women too. The list of medication is enormous but some of the most common medications are below.

The list for drugs causing erectile dysfunction is enormous as several of the prescription medications causes erectile dysfunction and most of the street drugs causes erectile dysfunction and may make men infertile.

Beta-blockers-commonly used for high blood pressure and heart diseases

Thiazide diuretics- Used in high blood pressure and kidney disease

Tricyclic antidepressants- for depression


Spironolactone-used in kidney diseases

Cimetidine-used to be a common drug for acidity and ulcers

Cannabis-abused as street drug

Anti-epileptics- used for seizures

Not only medically prescribed drugs can cause infertility, almost all street drugs including marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine etc. all of these drugs have short-term and long-term effect on performance and fertility.

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