penis injury blunt and sharp

Penis injury may be blunt or sharp

Penis injury repair by surgery

Surgical repair penis injury

Injuries causing sexual disorder

There are several ways  a person can get injure and lead to the sexual dysfunctions. Back injuries are common and can cause erectile dysfunctions. Penis injuries are not common but can cause significant dysfunctions and problem in intercourse. Penis is usually not injured in flaccid state as it is flexible. It can get injured in motor vehicle accident, gun shot, knife, self mutilation or amputation. The commonest reason is vigorous sexual intercourse usually female on top. In fast movement if erect penis slips out of vagina and hit by the female partner it can get sharply bend and fracture. Historically it used to treated just by pain medication but the complication rates were very high. In modern era th best treatment is surgery and repair of the penis, which gives good results and fewer complications.

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